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William Myers, Chairman
Lloyd Gowell, Vice-Chairman
Cathy Forbes, Member
David Spitler, Member
Denis Koch, Member


  • Mark Timmer - Managing Director
  • Renee Curtis - Clerk
  • Lori Holmes - Director of Finance/HR
  • Dan Terryn - Shop Foreman
  • Jeff Balkema - Road Maintenance Coordinator
  • Randy Smith - North County Foreman
  • Jeremi Bosch - State Foreman/Sign-Safety
  • Austin Cribley - Engineering Technician

To contact the Oceana County Road Commission you can call our office at 231-873-4226 or e-mail us by clicking this link: Clerk If this link does not work for you, the e-mail address is listed above along with our office hours, fax and phone numbers. When you contact us, you will be directed to the appropriate person to help you.


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